Note: A Candidate has Now been Recruited for a Trial Period for this Post. However, we are Still Considering Expressions of Interest for Similar Future Positions.

We are currently seeking an Assistant Curator (Part-Time) at the Foundation. Duties will include sorting buttons and other objects by colour, helping out on the special events and theme evenings, maintaining the Foundation’s webpage, and liaising with patrons, donors, and well-known celebrities. Special consideration will be given to candidates who DO NOT SUDDENLY DECIDE THEY HAVE TO GO OUT FOR THE EVENING WHEN THEY PROMISED TO HELP WITH THE BUTTON SHOP’S FOUNDATION’S WEBSITE.

The post is unpaid, but the successful candidate will benefit from travel costs and gain valuable experience. Overseas candidates must have a visa status that allows them to work in the United Kingdom.

The Foundation is an equal opportunities employer. We are committed to promoting diversity in the community, and minorities and individuals of colour (e.g green, grey) are strongly encouraged to apply. Certain candidates may require a period of quarantine before taking up the post. Unfortunately, under current European Union regulations, we are prohibited from employing anything with claws, fangs, or wings. We regret that the volume of applications we receive for these posts does not allow us to respond to each applicant individually.

Duties will include sorting buttons and other objects by colour.