Dear Everyone, This month we have decided to go with the seasonal theme of Autumn.

Although Autumn is one of my personal favourite colour seasons, it can, in some ways, constitute a difficult palette to work with. What could be more simple, more earthy, than a brown button? However, when you are trying to organise a theme month display using brown wooden display units, it can easily start to get confusing.

Autumn features a broad spectrum of colours: rich golds, brown, tans, subtle oranges. The Button Shop’s collection features a substantial and interesting collection of antique tan buttons, ranging from light sand to dark olive. However, these buttons look very similar, so trying to put them into groups based on subtle differences in shade can be quite challenging, even frustrating.

Often, when you think you’ve finally arranged them into exact groups of different colours, you stand back and look, and it’s just a jumbled mess. And you have to start again.

I would be lying if I said that this month’s theme hasn’t been a little bit stressful. Sometimes I even wished that we had skipped Autumn and gone directly to the next theme month (Morocco and Islamic Buttons). It can be very discouraging when a theme month doesn’t come together the way that you have planned.

When things got too hairy, we would stop for a coffee break, and then try to press on. It wasn’t easy.

Autumn Theme month was not the best introduction to the work of the Button Shop for my new assistant. His help was invaluable, despite the fact that he found Autumn as challenging as I did – if not more so.

That said, we did manage to get to the end of Autumn Theme Month in one piece.

The final selection, I think, was fairly successful in conjuring up the spirit of Autumn. We decided to add white and off white to provide tonal contrast.

Sales have held steady with regards to previous months, and in general, customers have been very enthusiastic about Autumn Theme month.

As usual, they are blithely unaware of the ordeal that we go through each month to get the Button Shop display ready.

Next up: Islamic Fundamentalist Buttons Theme Month.