As part of The Button Shop Foundation’s 2012 Olympic Strategy for Excellence, we are implementing several new features designed to show educate continue educating people about our art collections membership benefits activities  partnership with the local community. Image of the Day will feature and discuss a piece selected from amongst the Button Shop’s Foundation’s many collections – anything from early 19th Century Maps to 1980s fashion. Book of the Week will focus mostly on new publications pertinent to the Shop’s Foundation’s main collections – although older books, and, even, on occasion, books from The Collections themselves, will be also be featured. As always, the shop  non-profit Foundation’s goals are have always been have always been based on four three key goals: Education, Inspiration, and Helping Disabled People in the Local Community. We hope that if we get got A the 2012 Inspire Funding Grant would will allow it would allow us to expand the shop’s collections Foundation’s online educational features collections resources, allowing us to further target highlight help and inspire disabled people in the community.

Posted by Mouse, 2 June 2012