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The work that goes on behind the scenes at the Foundation is rarely seen by the public. Yet exhibitions, events, and publications that are consistently ranked among the best in the world do not materialise out of thin air. Our staff work day in and day out, often spending months of collaborative research time on a single project — planning, researching, designing, drawing up plans, creating, analyzing risks, and confronting obstacles until a project is finally the best that it can be and is ready to be presented to the public. Now, as part of the Foundation’s N-SPIRe! Grant/2012 Olympic Strategy for Excellence, I am pleased to announce that a specially-commissioned photo documentary, Making the Foundation Work: A Creative Journey (below), is now available for viewing. In this documentary, the incredible work that our staff carry out is finally given its proper due.

Making the Foundation Work takes you on an insider’s journey through a typical day with the Foundation’s Core Planning Team. Over the course of the documentary, you can see how one of our most well-known and successful programmes to date started out as a single idea, confronted seemingly impossible challenges, and  finally emerged as the signature work that now practically defines the Foundation’s identity. None of that would would have been possible without each staff member both drawing on his or her personal knowledge base and actively collaborating as a team. As Making the Foundation illustrates, without that process of creative collaboration, the iconic product that we all know so well might never have emerged.

Posted by MOUSE, 19 June 2012

Please view the photographs below in order as they show each step of the team’s  collaborative work process. To do this, simply reload this page when you are ready to begin viewing and the slideshow will start from the beginning.

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Dear All,

Many thanks to those of you who attended the Foundation’s Evening of Listening and Debate Around Schoenberg’s Verlachte Nacht last night — the postponed April 26thevent from our lectures series calendar. I thought that the event was enjoyable and stimulating, and I can only offer my sincerest apologies to those who did not entirely enjoy the session. As promised, we are providing a full refund of the ticket price to those of you who have requested it.

Previous music listening sessions have included modern American jazz and traditional ethnic music. All of those sessions were very successful.

However, I must say that if you go to a music listening session and you try to move about instead of staying in your assigned seat then it’s inevitable that the wires from some people’s headphones are going to get tangled up with each other.

Kind Regards,