A preview of the items from the American trip. Full categorisation will follow in time.

A Unique Set of Plastic Bug-Themed Buttons (Private Gift to a Button Shop Legacy Donor.).


A Classic Mid-Century American Summer Textile Panel.


Colourful Bakelite Buttons, early-mid 20th Century.

A Rare 1952 Decorative Barkcloth Panel.

A Blue Modernist Spoked Atomic Lamp with a Rare Three-Tier Fibreglass Shade (Acquired at Auction.).

A Truly Exciting Range of Antique Green, Yellow, Pink and Wood Buttons to Add to My Collection.

New Mouse

A Vintage Americana Infographic, Mounted Behind Glass.

An Especially Impressive Range of Antique Blue and Red Buttons.

An Early 20th Century Brass Button in the Shape of A Microphone.

Americana-Themed 50s style Textile Piece.

One of Fifty or so Very Rare Victorian Buttons, featuring Glass, Metal, and Gems. (Pending Valuation.).

Some Glue.