We are currently viewing a number of properties in order to find a permanent home for the Button Shop. The property needs to fulfil several criteria: it must be sizeable enough to securely hold the entire Button and Fabric Collections; it must be located in an attractive area with a large potential customer footfall; it should have original period features; and it must have one green door. A fundraising drive is now in progress to generate the capital to purchase the property. To this end, we are planning to sell several buttons from the collection and we also hope to benefit from the support of new Heritage Donors and Legacy Patrons.

So far, we are considering several properties.

Property Number 1, below, comes in below our expected price range, at £80,000:


Property Number 2, below, has the benefit of a large amount of glass frontage, useful for displaying the Buttons, as well as a pleasant position in Highgate. It comes in slightly over budget, at £4,950,000. Property number 2 is currently under offer by another buyer; if we choose this property, we would need to act quickly with a counter-offer.

Property Number 2 boasts large display windows.


Property Number 3 is a mid-range choice, positioned in a North London location:

Property Number 3 is located in the E4 postal code area, and doesn’t seem to have any advantages at all.


And finally, Property Number 4 offers good price-to-size value, but presents an intriguing challenge should we choose it for the Button Shop, in that it is has been demolished.

Property Number 4 offers both opportunity and challenge.

We are keen to include the input of all friends and supporters of the Button Shop during the property hunt. Please contact me by email with your views on these potential homes for the Button Shop.



etails to follow shortly.