What Should I Expect During my Colour Consultation?

A Colour Consultation can be a truly inspirational, life-changing event. Colour Consultations provide not just a new look, but a whole new outlook on life.


Do you feel like you aren’t achieving the best from your professional and personal life – but can’t figure out why? Do you feel down in the dumps all the time? Part of the answer might be that you have made the wrong colour choices.

Your Colour Consultation Session will be led by a nominated professional colour consultant.

As a Nominated Professional Colour Consultant, I will use my personal experience and trained eye to help you to identify your Power Colours – the colours that will lead you to success. I can also pinpoint your Negative Energy Colours – the colours responsible for the failure of your career and personal life, as well as your general negative outlook. Negative energy colours can literally pull a veil of depression and meaninglessness over your entire life. It’s time to SAY NO to these colours and re-take control of your wardrobe — and your life.

The first step is to take a realistic look in the mirror. Focus on the positive. Remember: You are unique and special. Think about how to emphasise and compliment your natural features, rather than covering them up. Even features you find unattractive, such as a prominent forehead or your ethnic group might well be seen by others as interesting. Or at least different.

We’ll determine which colours work for your skin/fur tone:

And which don’t:


Negative Energy Colours can spoil both your look and your mood. To get rid of them, we will literally cut your entire wardrobe to shreds if we have to.

Then, we’ll be able to identify your Colour Season.


I’ll use this information, along with my own personal scientific research into colour, to create your Personalised Colour Palette.

I will draw on my own professional research into the history of colour to create your personalised colour palette.

Listening to the client's needs is one of the most important aspects of the colour consultation.

The most important question I ask my clients during the consultation is, ‘What do you want?’ In order to work with the client to create a shared vision, it’s important to understand their own self-image and needs.

No matter how misguided:


Basic Consultations start at the very reasonable price of £45, including swatches. For a small supplementary charge, I will come to your home to do the consultation. The Full Colour Consultation by Mouse, which most of our clients eventually opt for when they understand the relative benefits (Price on Request) includes the Consultation, plus a shopping trip in Central London, a visit to a nominated professional stylist, and lunch, drinks, and dinner, for both of us. To reserve, please contact the Shop.

One particular benefit of the Full Colour Consultation is that I will give you some tips and suggestions from my own personal wardrobe.

Please book quickly – places tend to fill up months ahead.

If you are a Heritage Donor or Legacy Patron of the Shop, you will have advanced booking privileges and the usual discount. 

A Colour Consultation makes the Perfect gift. It’s also a subtle and non-insulting way to suggest to someone that they urgently need help with their personal appearance.

It’s crucial to choose your Colour Consultant with care. Anyone can claim to have obtained the basic qualifications for colour therapy. But do they have a large amount of professional experience? Have they worked with clients from diverse sections of society? Have they been nominated? It’s important to ask these questions when choosing a colour therapist.